Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad, early 1900's

Founded in 瑞典 – Since 1907

Most companies can’t say they’ve been in business for over 100 years, but we have – 113 years to be exact. Some say that might make us old, but luckily, our machines and values don’t get wrinkles. So what you’re left with is the wisdom and knowledge that comes along side withstanding the test of time.

Being that we can trace our lineage and rich history back to more than a century ago, our story is extremely long and tedious. Instead of going through the past 113 years in detail, we’ll give you some of the highlights. 为什么? Because where we came from is the foundation of who we are, 这是永利棋牌永久网址价值观的根源, and can give some insight in regards to where we are headed.

So, just sit back and enjoy the story of 永利棋牌永久网址, one of the oldest and most well-established companies in the sheet metal business.

The merging of four companies

Goteneds 永利棋牌永久网址标志s - 永利棋牌永久网址 Americas

This story begins in the quaint municipality of Götene, 瑞典, situated between the third and sixth largest lakes in all of Europe, Vanern和韦特恩湖. The year is 1907 and our focus is the founding of a company named Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad – we’re going to go with Göteneds for short.

Göteneds manufactured industrial equipment and was founded on the core values that we still observe today – innovation, 安全, 速度, reliability and flexibility. Over the next forty years, Göteneds evolved and adapted to new industry and technological trends – designing and manufacturing high quality machines for sheet metal processing. In 1947, when it produced the very first sheet metal shearing machine, Göteneds went down in the chronicles of history a complete game changer. That spark ignited a flame that still burns brightly today.

同时, in the neighboring country of Denmark, another notable founding took place within the sheet metal machinery industry. In 1954 CIDAN A/S sprung forth from its strong roots in attention to detail and innovation. As CIDAN A/S’s customer base grew so did the knowledge of their unparalleled quality service and great strides in the industry. In 1993, CIDAN A/S acquired Göteneds. The merging of that quality service and game changing innovation resulted in an unstoppable dream team. In the following years the business in 瑞典 grew stronger and stronger. Year 2009 was 瑞典 and Götene the obvious place to place the head office to, as well as the production which had previously been placed in Denmark. In 2016 a Swedish company acquires 永利棋牌永久网址.

2017年底, it was time for the next big step, then CIDAN Macinery AB acquires Austrian Forstner Maschinenbau GmbH. Forstner, 从1960年开始, has great expertise in sheet metal with an impressive programme of cut-to-length lines, straightener with rollers, 提要功能, 控制系统, decoilers and recoilers etc., which thus makes 永利棋牌永久网址 into a full partner in State-of-the-art and high-quality sheet metal working equipment. In 2019 永利棋牌永久网址 aquires Austrian 努特, experts in information technology (IT) regarding automation and metal trim production.

More than a century of innovation

1907 Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad is founded in 瑞典
1947 第一次剪切产生
1954 CIDAN is founded in Denmark
1979 Power Folder K15 is introduced
1984 Power Folder K25 is introduced
1987 结合梁的发明
1993 CIDAN A/S acquires Göteneds Mekaniska
Power Folder KM is introduced
1996 Power Folder KMP is introduced
2000 Power Folder PRO is introduced
2002 Power Folder PROLINO is introduced
2004 Power Folder FUTURA introduced
2006 Power Folder FUTURA PLUS & Power Folder MEGAPRO are introduced
2007 永利棋牌永久网址有限公司.美国成立 & Göteneds Mekaniska has 100 year anniversary
Production in Denmark is moved to 瑞典; name changed to Petersen Machinery in DK & SE
2010 Power Folder KMS is introduced
2012 Shear RAPIDO and decoiler ROTOCOIL are introduced; 永利棋牌永久网址 Trading Shanghai is founded
永利棋牌永久网址 Americas is created as sales area for CMI; 永利棋牌永久网址 is the company name to be used globally instead of Petersen Machinery
2014 剪切EVO的介绍
2015 The Up/Down PRO Z Power Folder is released
2016 Power Folder FORMA is introduced
2016 A Swedish company acquires 永利棋牌永久网址 瑞典 AB
2017 自动化 advancement with the release of Vacuum cup backgauge
2018 CIDAN Macinery AB acquires Austrian Forstner Maschinenbau GmbH
2018 The Up/Down FORMA Z Power Folder is released
2019 CIDAN Macinery AB acquires Austrian 努特 GmbH
2019 Power Folders F, FS and FX Series are introduced
2019 New Forstner PSA lines introduced